I am a dad of a one year old, time to train is in short supply. this program is perfect for people who have little time and space and who enjoy sport.
we progress while having fun training.
Dartigoueyte Alexandre
Great programming at a great price. I love that I can do it at home!
I love how simple these workouts are, but also how effective they are. Simple being minimal equipment required as well as space.
realmente entusiasmado con los entrenamientos, la verdad son bastante exigentes y buenos para la quema de grasas y mantenimiento del musculo
de verdad agradezco a wodacademy por lanzar este programa super completo al mercado.
alexis david ramirez concha
Finding wodacademy was just what I needed. I will be the first to say that I do not enjoy working out, but these short and simple workouts provide me with a way to get through exercise very effectively. It’s funny, at first when you review the daily workout you’ll say to yourself “this seems like not enough.” and shortly you will realize how tough they are! I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a structured plan!
Great workouts for a great price!
I’m really enjoying these workouts! They’re always challenging and there’s lots of variety so they’re never boring. I love the organization into upper body, lower body, and full body. You can adjust the weight you use as needed and there are alternative exercises to substitute if you need to. The videos are great when you’re learning a new exercise. You need minimal equipment and the program is very reasonably priced. I’m glad I subscribed and highly recommend this program!
At the outset, my goals were to lose weight and gain strength – preferably by not having to visit a gym. This is because these days I have a hybrid working lifestyle – so the opportunity to do the workouts from home was perfect for me. At first I struggled with nearly everything – I’d not done this type of exercise before. My previous exercise involved purely jogging, so whilst I had a basic level of fitness for a 52 year old, ultimately I had not done any resistance nor cross fit work.
Today I embarked on week 10 having started the programme slowly, using a lighter set of dumbbells and working up using the useful alternatives where required. The formula of structured workouts and tutorial video’s, along with a large dollop of personal effort has worked very well for me so far – my physique, posture, sleep and mental health have all improved greatly!
I am very pleased with what I have accomplished so far and remain motivated to continue. It’s amazing value for money and has a very helpful support group / responseful membership community to boot! Great idea!
Paul Hope
I just love it a lot
100% recommend. It is incredible. They are quick and effective workouts where you can see your own improvement over the weeks. I love it and am so thankful I found it!
I love the programming! Every plan I’ve gotten has been outstanding, am happy to have found Coach Serge.
WODAcademy’s workouts are overall well balanced and quite demanding. They keep you sweating during the whole workout and with a good sore afterwards. Definitely a great option if you have limited equipment (as myself) or access to a gym; and the cost is even better
I’m only a few days into WODAcademy, and I love it. 17 months postpartum with baby #4. This programming has helped me ease back into CrossFit at my own pace.
I satisfied overall with the weekly WODAcademy training. I like the quick and to the point warm ups. Often if the scheduled warm up is too long, or difficult, I tend to cut them short. I like the structure and especially the variety because I will get bored very quickly during repetitive programming. I understand the workouts are designed for at home (and limited equipment) but it would be great if some commonly owned machines like rowers could be included as part of the workout or even as alternates.
J.R. Wall
Realmente me encanta el programa, soy un “atleta” que entreno desde hace años otras disciplinas y la variedad de ejercicios así como la estructura de la programación de WODACADEMY, me han llevado a obtener grandes resultados!!
Edgar Perdomo
I only been at this for 2 months and I’m loving it.
The Best Functional Fitness/Crossfit Programming.
Since day one of using the website, I’ve loved every warmup, workout and accessory workout, and extra strength workout. It’s worth every penny. You get your money’s worth. Every Sunday, the next week’s workout is uploaded and you get to see what the week’s programming looks like.
There are a few repetitions of warmups, and there’s only so much you can do, which doesn’t affect the workout. There’s a huge variation of workouts that can be done with dumbbells, you might need extra stuff now and then.
The website’s UI works perfectly, you get a quick introduction to how the programming works and what you’ll be exercising every day. You’ll be exercising the upper body and lower body twice a week, and a full-body exercise once a week. You can decide what Workout Split(Exercise and Rest days) works the best for you.
Easy to follow at home. Complete, simple and effective programming. Very well complemented by the strength program.
Recommend this program 100%, I do my own mobility routine but maybe in the future the daily workouts grow for some pre and past workout mobility set’s, all in all perfect program for busy people who like to stay in shape or to get better. Cheers.
I genuinely can’t rate WODAcademy enough. I was looking for a program as a stop gap due to my CrossFit closing. I’m enjoying the variety and layout of the program so much, I’ve stopped looking for another CrossFit! You can take it anywhere and always have a workout with you, gym, holidays, work trips or just at home. The really great thing is the minimal equipment needed.
The community is building and supportive but very Facebook heavy, if like me you only have Instagram then you may miss out on some community bits.
What would make it 5 star? I’d say a dedicated app would be a great idea and also the option of a nutrition plan.
Overall highly recommend.
Dale Price
I absolutely love WOD Academy! I am a busy mom that runs from pillar to post on a daily basis. Having my workout in my pocket means that I save a lot of time and I have become so much stronger and fitter. The workouts are challenging enough to ensure you improve, yet not complicated, with easy to follow videos to help you with down scaling if you are still in the beginning stages of your journey, or returning after a break. Most importantly the app is user friendly and doesn’t break the bank.
I’ve given WODACADEMY a 5 star rating as for me it has everything you could want if working out from home. I lost my XFit box to Covid and the virus also affected the finances of my business meaning I can’t afford to sign up to another box. WODACADEMY’s complete program of warm up, work out and accessory work has given me back the structure I need to work out again.
They have thought of everything too. Don’t have the right equipment or space to perform some of the WODS, it doesn’t matter they list alternative movements, and there are videos to help explain should you not know how to perform them.
They’ve just added a strength program too and are working on extra programs to help with your journey to a healthier and fitter you.
For me they have left no stone unturned and they continue to improve their ‘virtual box’.
Thank you!
PS: They’ve thought about community too by creating private Facebook and Insta member groups so you can share your ups, and downs, of your weekly workouts
This program is just great if you want to improve your overall condition and get huge amount of different excercises.
The workouts are extremely effective – and very challenging!! Especially for a 62yr old – highly recommended!!
Dennis Baril
Don’t have equipment? Don’t have enough time to squeeze in a workout? Look no further WOD Academy is for you! All you need is dedication and some endurance cause it will kick your ass (devils press). I love these workout they couldn’t be laid out for you any better. Trust me you won’t regret this program.
Jose Silverio
100 percent great program, I don’t get bored and I feel like I don’t need to think of what my next workout will be. Just love it
Doris Lay
WOD Academy provides 5 detailed weekly WODs. They provide scaling options; whether you don’t have specific equipment or to modify your workout needs. The also suggest specific weights to be used for each WOD. I highly recommend WOD Academy for your at home workouts!
realmente entusiasmado con los entrenamientos, la verdad son bastante exigentes y buenos para la quema de grasas y mantenimiento del musculo
de verdad agradezco a wodacademy por lanzar este programa super completo al mercado.
alexis david ramirez concha
Love the program. I’d suggest ( to add variety ) some kettle bell exercises. I’ve seen results within 6 wks of following it. I’m a runner so these are great endurance and strengthening exercises! Worth every penny!
I’m very happy with wodacademy! It’s helping me with ideas for new workouts 🙃🤙
Ivan Dellavia
WODacademy is a great program for anyone from beginner to advance levels of fitness. I really appreciate how simple the program is yet it is highly effective. It’s perfect for people who have a busy life but want to be fit because it doesn’t require much as far as gym equipment goes and it doesn’t require hours in the gym. I’m a firefighter so it works well on or off duty because I can get in, get a great workout, and get out without taking up a lot of time. WOD academy also provides substitutions and modifications plus movement videos. You never have to wonder how to do a workout or a movement and it’s a program designed for everyone. I really can’t express how awesome this workout program is I just hope you check it out for yourself.
Jon Rynerson
WOD Academy provides 5 detailed weekly WODs. They provide scaling options; whether you don’t have specific equipment or to modify your workout needs. The also suggest specific weights to be used for each WOD. I highly recommend WOD Academy for your at home workouts!
My name is Evencio Geant, I am 58 years old, almost 59 in December, I started training with WODAcademy 7 weeks ago, I am in week 8, after 2 weeks I also included weight training, I have been there for 5 weeks, I am in the sixth . I felt pretty good, it seems like a super workout! I do it in my living room. I’m not one to record myself training, maybe one day I will! I do not speak English well, I am writing with a translator, excuse me if I put something wrong. I congratulate all those who made the decision to start here, I hope you are doing as well as me! keep in touch! hug!
Evencio Geant
I have enjoyed the workouts, they work well with what I have available. I really appreciate the time caps and weight suggestions.
Sara Gavrock
hello, the truth is that I have felt great with this way of training, I have seen great results, my body is changing progressively and I feel more and more energy in myself, and best of all for low cost, great changes with little equipment . i really recommend it
Fernando Tovar
I’ve been doing training on my own since beginning. So, i was little sceptical about joining the program but after going through the workouts, I literally feel that something was missing in my training. Haven’t tried these workout ever. They tested my strength and endurance to the limit. I recommend WOD Academy to everyone who wanna get strong, improve their fitness level.
Aman Roperia
Workouts with videos incase you don’t know the movement. Everything can be scaled or substituted which leaves zero excuses.
Prajna Reynolds
Very helpful tool to train by ourself and still being highly stimulated.
Francisco Ramos
I have been using WOD academy consistently (5 days/week) for about 5 weeks now. I really like that I can just log in and the workout is ready for me. The movement and modification videos are super helpful. I have noticed a huge change in my strength and overall tone, in addition to losing weight. I feel confident in completing the workout in my home gym, allowing me to make progress without a big gym membership pricetag. I would absolutely recommend this programming to anyone who wants to gain strength and confidence!
Wendy Stanley
I have been at WodAcademy since August and not skipped a day. The workouts are short, fun to do, diverse and mostly done with body weight and dumbbells. Therefore I am able to train wherever (home, work, when traveling, et.cet). I look forward for next workout
Excelent! You guys are Amazing with organization and workouts!
Loraine Zayas
Overall a really good programme. Would like a bit more cardio so running , stepper or rowing machine based but apart from that really good.
Martin Byrne
Me encanta este programa porque lo hago a la hora que puedo. Con un mínimo de equipo y siento que he mejorado con ayuda de los videos y los tips
Celsa Gaitán