Workout Design

We incorporate a range of foundational movements inside conditioning workouts, including hinging, squatting, lunging, pulling, pushing, rotating, jumping, and running. It’s important to follow the program closely and scale movements to your skill level for optimal results. These movements form the foundation for overall fitness and well-being.

Accessory Work Design

In the context of functional fitness, accessory work refers to exercises that are performed in addition to the main workout. These exercises are usually performed at the end of each session and are designed to target specific muscle groups or movements that may be weak or underdeveloped, or to address any imbalances in the body.

We do not explicitly prescribe progressive overload principles for accessory work, as we focus on using minimal equipment. Instead, we provide a variety of effective exercises that can be performed with a set loading, along with recommended rep and set ranges. It’s up to each member to decide how to implement progressive overload based on their available resources, such as increasing weight, tempo, or reps.

However, our add-on programs, like the strength and pull-up plans, do utilize progressive overload from one week to the next.